Model No.30R – Pipe Size 8″


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316 Stainless steel perforated basket strainers for Model No. 30R cast simplex strainers, with or without inner mesh liner, solid bottom, loop handle with stamped part number.
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Perforated metal strainers and filters can offer superior resistance to bending and crimping, making them an ideal choice over wire mesh filters in applications where rigidity and durability are desired. Varying perforation patterns and percent open area also allows engineers to achieve desired flow rates and size sorting.

See the chart below for a variety of standard open areas.  (Please note that the charts below are for reference purposes only. Hole pattern will depend on gauge of material.)  Our custom perforated metal filters and strainers are always manufactured to your specifications, with a wide range of materials, hole sizes, and perforation patterns available.


Wire Mesh

 Accomplish the finest Filtration with our screen baskets and strainers. We can also incorporate regular perforated sheet metal baskets with finer commercial grade wire cloth to achieve the ultimate filtration. In addition, we can increase these baskets potential with our magnet insertion, therefore doubling their filtering abilities.

Our mesh screen baskets can be constructed from various wire cloths. Please refer to table for mesh size.  Material available are Monel, Phosphor Bronze, and Stainless Steel.  All data subject to manufacturing tolerances.